about me

Hi there,

I am so flattered you stopped by–Really, I’m reaching out my arms and giving you a hug right now!

I live here now, but I was born there, and grew up over there. That’s the start to understanding why I am the way I am and why I think the way that I do.

I can’t get my elbows to touch each other. You’ll get a kick out of watching me try.

I love coconut water.

I live by this quote: “Life is not about holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.”

I always carry my water bottle with me.

I love moments when you can just be with someone, and not have to say anything at all.

I believe in firm handshakes.

I love writing notes and cards to people, because it allows me to better articulate all the reasons why I think they are so awesome.

I believe in doing what you can to live simply and creatively every day.

I get the giggles way too often…oh man.

I believe in spending quality time with people. Your time is the best gift you can give me (but I will gladly accept a vacation to Greece too).



Leave me a comment and tell me about you!


4 thoughts on “about me

    • Thanks so much, mer! miss you too…thanks so much for stopping by! stick around, i’d love to hear from you! many hugs :)

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