My mom has had a deep fascination and appreciation for flowers since I was young.

Every birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, you name it—we didn’t have to worry—my mom would always be completely satisfied with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Frankly, I just didn’t get it.

Flowers die, I thought.  Yeah, they’re pretty or whatever, but what are you left with after a week? Dried up nastiness.

But I still remember the moment my perspective changed.

It was definitely a cheesy moment, because it involved a Hallmark card that said something along the lines of “You, like flowers, bring happiness just by being.”

But I liked that idea—that flowers, by their plain existence, can do so much.

They can brighten up the room and lift up a mood.

They don’t call for attention in flashy ways, but exude a beauty that’s pure and simple.

They take in simply what they need, like the basic nutrients, the sunlight, water…and never too much.

And they can do all that even in the limited amount of time they are alive.

After that day, I didn’t go and plant a flower garden or spend all my money on vases and bouquets.

But I can appreciate them now, and can only wish that I could be half as cool as they are.


2 thoughts on “being

  1. i agree
    although I also love drying up some flowers and making cute things with them… that way they last a bit longer as well..
    I just love getting a bouquet, even though they die, because it makes me smile and appreciate that little touch of decoration in the room just for a little while

    • Totally, Pri. I got some flowers at the farmers market one weekend, and it seriously brought a nice touch to our dining room table…even for that short period of time. They’re so pretty! I hope that man in your life is spoiling you with bouquets…. ;) Miss you and love you dear.

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