I feel like we tend to spend a lot of our time being reminded of things.

Reminded of how much we need rest, only when we are completely burnt out.

Reminded of how fortunate we are, only when we see disasters and poverty on TV.

Reminded of how we are not alone, only after years of trying to figure it all out by ourselves.

Reminded of how important something is to us, only when we’ve lost it.

Of course, in some perfect world, we wouldn’t need to be reminded every day.  We could walk around constantly remembering to do everything we can for optimal health, constantly showing appreciation to our friends and family, and constantly taking a stand for causes we care about.

But reality is, we have a lot on our plates—and it’s hard to remember to do it all.  We have plenty to remember, and then we pile on more to remember, and then we pressure ourselves to remember it all….and inevitably, something will get neglected—and we will forget.

And then we are reminded—usually the hard way—through the unnecessary stress, through the physical and emotional pain, through the chaos, and through the longing to do it all over again.

Sure, there’s a lot going on—and there always will be.  But if we live in a constant state of being reminded, then what exactly are our minds on anyway?

Is it our goals? Is it success? Is it getting by? Is it proving something?

And is it worth it?

Whatever we’re caught up in, I hope it matters.

But along with that, I hope we could try to live in awareness of the things we so often find we need to be reminded of—of the people, of the needs, of the desires—so that we won’t just pace through our lives, always victims of being reminded of things the hard way.


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