to you:

For those who have visited me here so far–it means more than you can imagine. And for those of you who have said kind words–I barely know how to soak in the love and encouragement, and I am beyond grateful.

However, I will have to say that I’ve already had doubts about why I am doing this.  What makes me think I have something to say, something people will want or need to hear? Why does the world need to see my silly doodles?

But to keep this short and from sounding too self-deprecating, I think we can all learn to find a fine line between holding back too much and spilling out everything.

I am not here to hear you shower me with praise, to make you think I am some sort of a talented writer or an artist—because I don’t think of myself that way. At all.

I am also not using this as a diary where I will chronicle all the details of my life–No. Way.

But I’ve realized that personally I’ve learned from things that people have chosen to share with me—whether it’s their art, their struggles, their thoughts, their food, their music, etc.

And what if we could each do the same for someone else?

Whether or not we feel we are great at what we do, maybe we can all bring forth something to share.

And maybe someone else can appreciate it, see something in it–more than we ever will.


One thought on “to you:

  1. The sharing of the soul through narrative, through the visual, is a community. You have invited others into a moment that matters to you and will matter enormously to many others. You have made yourself vulnerable, for the soul is a precious and tender thing. But there are those whose souls are in need of the sharing. And there is such healing in that kind of community. And God is the life that breathes through the community you have brought to the table. Celebrate Him. And celebrate all that He has made and done and is doing. And know that is a venture that has eternal significance.

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