whoa, epiphany!

“Life is a journey to explore, not a problem to solve.”

One of my professors (who was a host of a travel show) handed us a letter a fan wrote him before he moved on to another career.  In it was that quote.

What’s funny is that I throw away a lot of things, but for some reason, I held on to that letter—and that quote came to me when I felt like I was at a crossroads in life. I was afraid of making any decision, simply because I didn’t want to make the wrong decision.

Often times I think the fear of taking the “wrong” path–of choosing the wrong career, being with the wrong person, saying the wrong thing—can hold us back from exploring.  We waste a lot of time trying to figure out the “right” answer; we work our butts off toward what we believe is the “ideal life”–and take for granted this whole time in between.

And so we could spend most of our lives doing the same thing, doing only the things we know we do best, hanging out with the same people, living the same routine…because it’s comfortable. And comfort is safe and easy.

But exploring life as a journey can take the pressure off of getting everything just right–and make it more exciting.  Maybe we should stop stressing out about reaching a destination and learn to enjoy the search of it.  Instead of trying to “solve” life with the perfect answer, maybe we can enjoy the discussions and explore the possibilities.  Whatever paths we choose will be a part of our story—they’ll lead us to someone who could move us, something that can change us, or some revelation that can awaken us.

Sometimes we just need to get started, just like picking up the pen and making the lines of the first doodle.  I may not have a plan for it, and I may not know where it will lead me–but either way, I’ll make something out of it. And just like the doodle, all the “mistakes”–the spontaneous curves and squiggles and shapes–are all a part of what leads me to create a little “masterpiece.”

“Life is a journey to explore, not a problem to solve.” 


2 thoughts on “whoa, epiphany!

  1. So true… a lot of people would be happier if they followed this advice. Sometimes you can’t even know which path is right or wrong until you take one. And sometimes taking the wrong path leads to some interesting things along the way. Some “mistakes” are someone else’s invention… just think about things like post-its… the glue was a failure for what it was intended for but can you imagine life without post-its?

    I will have to remember this when I am at my next crossroads!

    • Hi Rhonda! Totally-sometimes we just need to take the path (which is scary), but you really don’t know what can come out of it. I just looked up the Wikipedia history of post-its after you mentioned it…I didn’t know that! I really can’t imagine life without them. It’s very dangerous to keep post-its around me…I can use them up like crazy (yes, a LOT of them for doodles, haha!). Thanks for sharing, and stick around. I’d love to continue hearing from you :)

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