happy things

Colors make me happy.

My big sis (who shuns the phone) and my dad (the king of busyness) both gave me a call today. That made me all warm and fuzzy inside, so I decided to create a “dedication doodle.”  Maybe I should make this a weekly thing or daily thing–I’m not quite sure yet; I love writing notes a little too much–and there are too many cool people in my life who deserve one.  So the first one is dedicated to four of the dearest people in my life, who have seen me grow from a little weirdo to a big weirdo, and have always unconditionally loved me.

Will you join me?

My roommate and I leave each other messages on this whiteboard every day.  She came home one day with a new set of markers for the board, and I got really excited about them! The board, the markers, the messages, my roommate–they all make me happy.

What are some things that made YOU happy today?


8 thoughts on “happy things

    • I didn’t know you have a blog…now you better start writing more! Thanks all your sincere encouragement…it truly means a lot.

  1. Love to see your work again! I still have your pineapple and I’ve found it encouraging whenever I see it. Miss you and wish you are well :D

    • beryl! that’s so sweet…i can’t believe you still have the pineapple! I’m glad it encourages you. I hope you are well too..send me an update if you can. Would love to hear what work you are doing now!

    • Thanks, Kara! You’re so sweet–I’m so glad you stopped by! It’s been a while…I really hope you are doing well…would love to catch up with you if we ever get a chance :) Stick around for new posts!

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